A Captured heART Manifesto

We believe in GRACE & GENTLENESS with ourselves and others. We believe in taking RISKS, TRYING new things and being ADVENTUROUS. We believe in RELATIONSHIP over RULES. We believe people need to know they are LOVED & CHERISHED, and that they BELONG. We believe in FAMILY, and we believe that there are creative ways we can include our loved ones in our work, planning and projects. We believe that everyone is CREATIVE. We believe CREATIVITY comes in many forms and we want to create a space for people to BRAVELY express those UNIQUE talents and gifts. We believe in FOCUSING on things that are excellent, pure, noble, true and GOOD. We believe LIFE is a gift to be celebrated. We believe GRATITUDE is shown best in GENEROSITY. We believe in SERVING one another and our community. We believe in tending to the WHOLE person; NOURISHING the spirit, soul and body. We believe that PROFIT is GOOD; a healthy reminder from the marketplace that we are providing products and services that deliver QUALITY and bring VALUE. We believe you should always pursue LEARNING & PERSONAL GROWTH. We believe that TIME & TALENT are precious resources that we are to steward wisely. We believe ART inspires hearts, moves souls and serves as a healthy way to express emotion. We believe in the beauty of AUTHENTICITY and VULNERABILITY, and in the POWER of tearing down walls and BUILDING bridges. We believe that BRAVE conversations are worth having because our mental health is worth talking about. We believe in LAUGHTER and in its ability to TRANSFORM our lives. We believe that HOSPITALITY enables us to show love in tangible ways with great attention to detail. We believe in the power of our WORDS and choose to SPEAK LIFE over others. We believe the PASSIONATE heart is a powerful one. We believe people will LIVE better when they BELIEVE better. We believe in living a STORY worth telling, and retelling, for we believe in the power of LEGACY. We believe in WE over ME, and believe that together we are STRONGER. We believe in creating a culture you can call FAMILY.